So Long, So Long Ago
I wrote this essay for and was lucky enough to be randomly picked to read it at NPR Illinois Stink Bug Night in 2019. The night's theme for a five-minute story was "Life and/or Death".
Weaving I Now See
This is a poem I wrote for Mary Leen's undergraduate creative writing poetry course at Illinois State University in 1992. It was published in Druid's Cave: A Journal of the Creative Arts (1993). Druid's Cave was later renamed Euphemism, thankfully.
This is a piece of fiction that I wrote for Curtis White's undergraduate creative writing fiction course at ISU circa 1993. The present state of the local rock band meets itself.
Night of the Thief
Originally written for Curtis White's creative writing fiction course, parts of this were published in Druid's Cave 1994. The near future evolution of religion meets interdimensional life. It's partly an homage to the work of author and mathematician Rudy Rucker.
I wrote this for David Foster Wallace's graduate fiction writing course in early 1994 at ISU, just as "the internet"—at the time meaning simply telnet and gopher—was entering the scene. The near future evolution of technology meets its psychological limits.
I wrote this as my final paper for William McBride's graduate Film Studies course at ISU in 1994. It's a frame-by-frame analysis of repressed gay male fantasies which are fleshed out through cinematic violence and play in the 1967 film The Incident.
Escape From Lego City
These are a few rather adult-themed fictional extrapolations from some of the LEGO packaging boxes I've encountered.
Banana Appeal
This is an essay I wrote in 2013 on matters of fruit, comedy, and language. The above picture was taken of me in 2018 when I read it at the Sherman Illinois Public Library once. Fortunately, I was not pelted with anything.
Drake Equation Whatevs
Not to be confused with Drake the celebrity, the Drake Equation is not a person at all. Rather, it is a mathematical equation written in 1961 by Dr. Frank Drake in an attempt to give scientists a fresh starting point at the first scientific meeting on the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life (SETI). This is about my minor modification of that equation.