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Tremours (Tremors + Fleetwood Mac)
WHOOPS! This video can't be seen because the copyright owner of the movie I sample, Tremors (1990), is blocking it on YouTube "in all territories", which I guess means the whole UNIVERSE, ALL the places. So, because The Internet just wants money, you probably won't see this video there, interesting though it is. Anyway, wouldn't it be a shame if you bothered me with an email asking for a free, fair-use copy, which I might not have or might? Dunno. Anyway, I'll just be on my--.

Fun With Scenes, using the 1990 movie Tremors and the music of Fleetwood Mac, mostly from their Britishly titled 1977 album Rumours. (Three-fifths of the band then were British--the two McVies and Fleetwood--while Buckingham and Nicks are Americans. So, maybe there was a tumultuous vote on the matter and no one from the British camp could be persuaded to go with the more succinct American spelling, "Rumors", leading to even more bitter feelings amongst the band than they already had at the time. Not to start any rumours/rumors, of course.)

Foundationgram - The Spiral (Starring Lee Pace)

This video combines footage from the AppleTV+ series Foundation (season 1, episode 8, titled "The Missing Piece" from 2022) with "In the Spiral", a 2020 song by the band Phantogram.


The Emperor Spirals
by Timothy Donavan Russell

He walks the spiral
Brave emperor
He's a flippin' lobster

Sun is on fire
In the spiral
The music is viral

Chest puffed and nose chapped
Through canyon walls
Burned to both of his--hey!

Though he's dripping song
And giants drop
The Pace will never stop

Tesseracts 101 / The New Quintuplet Swing

If you've ever wondered what hypercubes, aka tesseracts, are all about, then this is a good music video for you. If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you don't care for geometry, maybe you should watch this anyway, just to be weird and learn something new. The music incorporates quintuplets, i.e. notes divided into 5 beats. It's actually all in 4/4 at 150 bpm. Video: Tesseracts 101. Music: "The New Quintuplet Swing" (2021).

Tesseract Out / Funky Night

It's a rolling tesseract making its way through the clouds and across the stars, folks.

The Other Wheel (Space Beats Video)

It's a spinning, semi-transparent color wheel just making its way through space. That's what's up.

The music, "A Mix of the Best of Music for Art of the Other Wheel", was taken from songs originally commissioned for use as background entertainment at an art show titled "Art of the Other Wheel", which took place September 25th & 26th 2015 at The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space in Springfield, Illinois. Those songs were remixed for this video.

Covering Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend" (Ukulele and Voice)

Just for fun my significant other and I covered "Working for the Weekend" by Loverboy, adapted by us for ukulele and voice. We've also worked up our own renditions of songs by The Doors, Lesley Gore, Depeche Mode, The Moody Blues, and Dolly Parton. The full playlist is here.

Pursuant [BEING EQUAL Music Video]

All things. Music: "Pursuant". Sources are public domain. Bee nice.


Composed of ten pieces of music and a series of 70 still frame photos of light through glass, this video was part of an art installation on display at The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space DREAMSCAPE show, May 31st and June 1st, 2019.


Silent video. I ran this on repeat (along with the two other silent videos here) on a 47" 4K video monitor at The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space for the Artext art show, which was August 9th and 10th, 2019. Uses the poem "Minstrel" by Bridget Foley Russell. Used with permission. Uses images scanned from: AN ALBUM OF FLUID MOTION, The Parabolic Press, Stanford, California, 1982, Copyright 1982 Milton Van Dyke. Used legally for presentation under Fair Use.

by Bridget Foley Russell

Give me a song
I feel lost
Give me a song
I want to be transported
Give me a song
I can breathe
Give me a song
I am surrounded by silence
Give me a song
I need reassurance
Give me a song
I crave your touch
Give me a song
I am complete
Give me a song
I am home.

Scary Dance Music (Video Album)

This is a playlist of videos I made in 2018 using a ton of crazy public domain stuff I found. These were commissioned for and projected at the 2018 Dark Arts show, which was currated by Staunzie Grady and took place at Arlignton's Restaurant in Springfield, Illinois.

Nature Break

I made the music used in this video by Dave Heinzel for The Studio Show in 2016.

Live Performance on The Studio Show

Performing on The Studio Show in 2016.

Be Flatland Again

Music video Vincent Sebastian made for one of my pieces of music of the same title in 2017.

Reading at NPR Stink Bug Night 2019

In which I read my essay "So Long, So Long Ago" at NPR Illinois Stink Bug Night in 2019. The essay also appears in text form on my Writings page.

Windsor for the Road

Windsor for the Derby's song "WNYU Radio" set to scenes of I-55 in Illinois. I made this in 2013.


Electro-Faustus EF102 Photo Theremin running through wah-wah pedal. Visualization by Rovastar+Geiss (Snapshot Of Space [LSB mix]). From 2010. This song made it onto the 2014 Just Sign on the Dotted Line various artists compilation CD put out by Electro-Faustus.

Matter of Information

This began as gift for my brother in 2009; I gave it to him then as a short screen saver for his PC. The animation you see here was produced in 2014, partly using Starry Night Pro 6. Song title: "Lives of the Bloated Gas Giant Suns" (2007). The scene is actually what it would sort of be like to stand on Triton and watch Neptune in the sky--sped up over the course of two months Earth-time, of course.