Solo music. My Bandcamp page is where you can listen to it. See YouTube as well for a lot of it, and SoundCloud, too, for some more of it.
Bridget and Tim
Bridget & Tim, a duo. We're at Bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud.
Musical Realists
Musical Realists. Isaac and yours truly. Find us at Bandcamp, YouTube, and SoundCloud.
The Alleged Show
My brother and I created a weekly, hour-long comedy/music radio program named The Alleged Show, and we performed it for ten years on WQNA 88.3 FM "The Edge". This will take you to our SoundCloud page, where flute sneezes abound.
My brother, sister-in-law, and I have made noise as Bronoculus over the years as if our life in no way depended on it. We've been on hiatus since around 2008, thank goodness, but unfortunately what happened can now be heard at SoundCloud. Sorry about that.
Moving pictures are the best, especially when set to music of course, though not necessarily. This is a page I made to consolidate some of my recent YouTube video posts.
This will take you to the YouTube channel for my music videos and songs.
Garfield & Lyman Fights, Ninja Galactic, and Captain Natural and the Adventures of Foreskin. These are the cartoons I have drawn since the dawn of lasagna-eating, diabetic, sarcastic cats.
This is a page I made for some of the pictures I've made in photo editing software.
Light Thru Glass Photos
I take photos of light passing through glass. Sometimes I combine the results and blend them with each other using software. This page will show you some of the pieces that I think are worth sharing.
Here you'll find a page with links to writings I've created over the years for various publications and occasions.
Here is a sort of representation of me from a paid work perspective, at LinkedIn.
My Brother's Website -
I made a website for my dear only brother. Won't you pay his place a visit?
Voices of the Rodeo (Warning - Graphic Imagery)
I tend to be a vegan in my diet and thinking, and Voices of the Rodeo will certainly speak to that.

My Photostream on Flickr:

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